1000 Adventures Worth Celebrating

Adventures in Odyssey has pointed kids outward and upward for decades.


John Stonestreet

This summer, Focus on the Family will celebrate the 1000th episode of Adventures in Odyssey 

Odyssey first premiered 37 years ago and continues to enthrall children today, bringing biblical truths to life through stories and adventure. As Focus describes Odyssey: “The adventures often start with grandfatherly Mr. Whittaker (“Whit”), who runs an ice cream shop called Whit’s End. Young friends from all over town come to Whit for advice.”  

In an age when children’s entertainment centers around messages of following your heart and being true to yourself, this longstanding institution of excellent children’s entertainment points kids outward and upward to others and to wisdom.  

It’s more than just entertainment, Odyssey has sparked imaginations, shaped hearts and minds, and entertained families for generations. And it’s a great example of Christian art done well.  

Happy anniversary, Odyssey. 1000 episodes. … That’s something good worth celebrating.  


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