A Life and Death Fight in Hungary

As a European court assess the legality of assisted suicide, the Christian stance could not be clearer.


John Stonestreet

Late last month, Hungarian national Dániel Karsai, who has a progressive neurodegenerative condition, challenged Hungary’s ban on assisted suicide before the European Court of Human Rights. Alliance Defending Freedom International has intervened in the case, standing up against the so-called “right to die.”  

In a recent press release, they described the current European landscape when it comes to assisted death: 

Of the 46 Member States of the Council of Europe, only six have legalized assisted suicide. The practice has been rejected by legislators in the vast majority of countries. … Countries that have legalized euthanasia now allow the intentional killing of children, those who are physically healthy, and those who have not given their consent. 

Historically, the “right to die” quickly devolves into a “duty to die” and compromises the conscience rights of physicians and caretakers. Christians must stand for life whenever and however we can. We must always be those who work to heal and never to harm. 


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