A Pedophile’s Pedigree

At a highly publicized press conference Congressman Steve Stockman called it "an affront to humanity." He was talking about Alfred Kinsey’s pioneering work in the late 1940s on child sexuality. As it turns out, the findings that shaped a nation’s thinking about children and sexuality were actually based on a fraud. The importance of Kinsey, the founder of the Institute for Sex Research, cannot be underestimated. In two landmark books, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, he reported a much wider variation in human sexual behavior than had previously been thought. Much attention was focused on Kinsey’s conclusions regarding childhood sexuality, which overturned traditional assumptions about the subject. Before Kinsey it had been widely assumed that at least until puberty children experience a latency period in which sexual feelings are dormant. Not so, according to Kinsey, who incidentally was not a trained psychologist but a zoologist. Kinsey claimed that even young children exhibit strong sexual proclivity. His revolutionary theories quickly gained acceptance in the scholarly community. The result? As researcher Robert Knight of the Family Research Council points out: "Kinsey’s work opened the door to the view that children are sexual beings who not only are sexually viable but also entitled to sexual activity at any age." Homosexual organizations like NAMBLA, The North American Man Boy Love Association, draw heavily from such conclusions to support their drive to legitimize pedophilia. Their motto "Sex before eight before it’s too late" reads like a page out of Kinsey’s books. In our schools the push was on to educate children about sex at the earliest possible age, virtually indoctrinating them into becoming active sexual beings. Educators based this alleged need for early and explicit sexual education on Kinsey’s findings. But what they assumed was clinical research in fact came from a highly questionable, and arguably inadmissible, source of information. Incredibly, what began a revolution in childhood sexuality has now been traced back to a pedophile’s diary. The Institute for Sex Research has admitted that Kinsey’s findings were based upon the pedophile’s own record of his sexual abuse of children. Judith Reisman, author of Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People, writes: "If the public learns the truth, the ’sexperts’ in the field of human sexuality and the sex industry will be shaken to its foundations. . . . Whole shelves of books will have to be rewritten. Both public and [even] religious schools will have to discard their sex ed courses." It is a travesty of our educational system that sex education courses continue to be based upon theories derived from the depraved behavior of a pedophile. Every school board and sex ed teacher in this country needs to be made aware of this scandalous admission by Kinsey’s own Institute for Sex Research. This is material you need to have at your fingertips the next time your school board raises the issue of sex education. The truth is that many sex education programs today come straight from pages of a pedophile’s diary. And that is something you and I must work to expose, for the sake of America’s children.  


Chuck Colson



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