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Accepting Love AND Truth


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

Recently, the UK Guardian reported that, before the Church of England’s upcoming gathering of Anglican bishops from across the globe, two married lesbian priests will hold a communion service, undoubtedly to send a message to conservative bishops.

The Guardian reported the story as part of the Anglican Communion’s “split over sexuality – between those who seek to uphold ‘biblical truth’ and those who are pressing for acceptance and inclusivity.”

The Guardian placed the words “biblical truth” in scare quotes, meaning either that biblical truth is a made-up category, or a threat to our culture’s accepted values.

I’d suggest instead that “acceptance” and “inclusivity” are the made-up ideas, and a pitiful substitute for love. Love, as we’ll discuss at this May’s Wilberforce Weekend, is not threatened at all by biblical truth. We can be truthful, and we can love our neighbors. Indeed, we must do both.

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