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Are We Really Worshiping God? – Ask BreakPoint

The Weekly Q&A Segment From The Colson Center


John Stonestreet

S. Michael Craven

Michael Craven joins the BreakPoint Podcast to bring a few questions from the Colson Fellows.

The Colson Fellows is a 10-month worldview training program that equips participants with analytical tools to understand and lead in culture.

Today, John and Michael answer a heartfelt questioner seeking understanding on how she can know she’s really worshiping God. John and Michael provide definition inside our current culture context to give footing for confidence in worship that rests in the finished work of Christ and invites followers to participate in praise-giving acts.

Then, a timely question from a Colson Fellow asks how Christians should respond to conspiracy theories. John and Michael highlight that it is a challenge to understand which way is up in the current cultural climate. In answering this and a related question about to how we should spend our time as believers in Jesus, John points listeners to consider the practices of living a quiet and committed life.


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