Arizona Overturns Abortion Ban

The bipartisan support is a blow to the right to life.


John Stonestreet

The hubbub in Arizona over an old abortion law has come to an unwelcome conclusion. On May 2, after pressure from abortion giant Planned Parenthood, Governor Katie Hobbs signed a new law that repealed an 1864 law, which had made performing or assisting an abortion illegal and a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. According to the new law, abortion will no longer be a felony offense and can be legally performed within the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.  

The bipartisan support for abortion “rights” is revealing, to say the least. All kinds of voices today tell us that what matters most is the individual’s autonomy, not the right to life. Personally disliking abortion is not the same as opposing it, especially when it is no longer politically helpful. 

Our work remains: To say what is true and to love those who are in need. Lives depend on it. 


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