The Point

Becoming People of Truth and Love


John Stonestreet

With our country and the world reeling in so many ways, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and despair. I felt like that more than a few times last week, I confess. But I also remember what Chuck Colson often said, “Despair is a sin, because Christ is risen.”

That kind of hope is only found in the resurrection of the Son of God.

This hope not only secures us, it forms us into the type of people the world needs. This week, Andy Crouch launches the third module of the Truth. Love. Together. virtual event, with a session on “The Kind of People the World Needs.” I cannot imagine anything more timely and relevant!

The theme for this third module is “Becoming People of Love and Truth.” The Enemy is so good at leveraging situations like the ones we are currently facing to drive us away from both truth and love. Come to to watch the session with Andy Crouch, as well as Brett Kunkle, Michael and Lauren McAfee, and the one and only Max McLean.


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