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Beirut: Devastation and Response

Plus: New George Floyd Evidence; the Lies Behind the Transgender Movement; Help for Christian Educators



John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

John Stonestreet and Shane Morris discuss the massive explosion that has devastated Beirut. What do disasters –and the human response to disasters– tell us about human nature, and how does the Christian worldview account for them?

Also on today’s episode: New, complicating body cam evidence in the death of George Floyd; a so-called breakthrough study supporting gender transition surgery is retracted (which the media conveniently ignores); and how are men who claim to be women getting away with harassing and doxxing women athletes who petitioned the NCAA to protect women’s sports?

Finally, John Stonestreet announces a free, online professional development program for Christian educators: “Worldviews and Cultural Fluency.”

Download the MP3 audio here.


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