What is BreakPoint Beta?

We are constantly imagining how to walk with you in these cultural moments. For so many years we have journeyed with you in radio and email. There are now more avenues for us to encourage you in daily life, providing better relationship and more responsive feedback from a Christian Worldview.

We are blessed to consider further expansion of BreakPoint. God is bringing talented staff to our team and providing resources for us to walk with you in this cultural moment. We need your help, too. We want you to join a special team of BreakPoint listeners to guide us in our efforts to reach and connect with you, your friends and family, and those around the world.

We are calling this team BreakPoint Beta. We want you to sign-up to receive a weekly email that communicates new avenues we are exploring for connecting with those who follow us. We want your feedback on these new avenues to connect. You will be able to provide feedback through email and a periodic zoom conference with our BreakPoint team where we will share some of our findings and seek your input as we continue to develop BreakPoint to encourage you in this time and place God has us.

Joining the BreakPoint Beta team comes with a special level of responsibility. After we send you a test product we'd ask you to evaluate it, talk to friends about it, and consider the opportunities for encouragement and connection. We want to know how you might use these new offerings in your own growth or in encouraging those you interact with on a regular basis. We will ask you to email us your thoughts and opinions, and do your best to participate in our periodic video sessions, where we will demo new offerings and ask for feedback.

Your involvement in this will help BreakPoint walk with more Christians as we provide an explanation of the Christian worldview and the hope that we have in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Please join us by completing the registration form.

What BreakPoint Beta Is:

  • It is where we will test new offerings to find pain points before releasing to the general public
  • It is a place for us to field constructive feedback to build offerings that meet the needs of those who follow us
  • It is a place to explore how we can reach more people who are looking for a Christian Worldview perspective


What BreakPoint Beta Is Not:

  • It is not the place to discuss specific viewpoints or commentaries by BreakPoint. That can be done by emailing colsoncenter@colsoncenter.org
  • It is not the place to engage the mission, vision, or theological positions of The Colson Center.
  • It is not the place to seek answers to questions. That can be done by emailing askthecolsoncenter@colsoncenter.org

Join the BreakPoint Beta Team