BP This Week

BP This Week: Persecuting Jack Phillips


John Stonestreet

Ed Stetzer and John Stonestreet discuss the outrageous targeting of Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. On the very day he prevailed at the Supreme Court (and it’s not a coincidence), Jack was asked to design a gender transition cake by a would-be customer who had been trolling Masterpiece Cakeshop with outrageous requests. Of course, Jack refused to design the cake.  The Commission has now summoned him again, this time having the audacity to cite the very Supreme Court decision that exonerated Jack. As John and Ed warn, this is a Commission out of control, seeking to use its governmental power to coerce Jack Phillips into acting against his core religious beliefs.

John and Ed also talk about the Pennsylvania grand jury report citing 70 years of ghastly sexual abuse by Catholic priests and the inexcusable cover up by the church’s hierarchy.


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