BreakPoint: Sex, Culture, and the Christian Worldview


John Stonestreet

As we say quite often on BreakPoint, ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have victims. And perhaps no ideas have produced more victims than those behind the sexual revolution.

Sex is, of course, one of God’s great gifts to us, and how we think about this gift is vital to us and to society. Rightly understood and practiced within the bounds of marriage, sex is a beautiful, vital contributor to human flourishing.

Satan, whose goal is human misery, has targeted human sexuality since the fall, seeking to pervert and corrupt it. And the sexual revolution, which turned sex into an instrument for mere pleasure and self-gratification, has been a means for ruining men and women, hurting kids, undermining marriage, and wreaking cultural havoc.

So how do we, as Christians, work to restore a vision of human sexuality that promotes human flourishing as God intended it? That is the topic of our next four-week online short course, called “Sex, Culture, and the Christian Worldview.”

The class begins on August 7 and runs on four consecutive Tuesday nights. The first hour will be a presentation from a special guest, and the last half-hour will provide time for a question-and-answer session. If you miss a session, no worries, because we’ll be recording each session for you to view according to your schedule. All you have to do is go to to register.

Our first guest is New Zealander Jonathan Grant, who will speak on “Thinking through Sex Theologically. Author of the book “Divine Sex” Grant says that sex has been separated from the context of God’s plan and “redefined as a separate . . . independent commodity that can be reclassified under any category.”

This small vision of sex, he argues, has made us fall prey to “the easy rush of pornography, consumerism, uncommitted relationships, the next big experience, and so on.”

Jennifer Roback Morse follows the next week with “Where Sex Went Wrong: The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims.” She argues that “Cultural conservatives have allowed themselves to be out-maneuvered by the Sexual Revolutionaries” who have “largely dictated the cultural narrative about sex, marriage and family. Yet the full story of the harms of the Sexual Revolution has never been honestly and completely told.”

This is why her organization, the Ruth Institute, seeks to “inspire the victims of the sexual revolution to become survivors and ultimately advocates for positive change.” I know you’ll want to hear from her.

Our third speaker will be Glenn Stanton, who will share his thoughts on “Loving Truth and Loving People.” Author of “Loving My LGBT Neighbor: Being Friends in Grace and Truth,” Stanton will give us practical insights on how we can interact with gay and lesbian neighbors in a Christ- and truth-honoring way.

Finally, we’ll hear from University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus, who is one of the leading experts on the consequences of the sexual revolution. His topic for the evening is “What Has the Hook-up Culture Wrought?”  Author of “Cheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Women, and Monogamy,” Regnerus’s research has shown how the ready availability of sexual relations has driven down the so-called “price” of sex—that is, men are no longer required to commit to a life-long relationship in return.

So, folks, please, sign up for our short course “Sex, Culture, and the Christian Worldview.” These folks are experts we all need to learn from. And if you want to know how to respond to the victims of this sexually broken culture, this short course is for you.

Come to to register. Again, it starts this coming Tuesday, August 7th. But don’t wait til next week, the last several short courses have been sell-outs.


Sex, Culture and the Christian Worldview: Our Next Short Course

Register here for this outstanding Short Course, which begins Tuesday, August 7.



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