Bridge Generation Gaps with Prayer


John Stonestreet

Wayne Stender

According to Pew Research, roughly 79% of Americans agree that there are major differences in the viewpoints held by different generations. The gaps are significant, but there’s reason for hope. According to a report outlined in Christianity Today, younger generations are eager for more from church. Evangelicals under 40 are twice as likely as others to say they want more substance from the pulpit. 

That’s one reason why the Colson Center is offering a special tool to help you connect with the generations in your church.  

The Pray for Me Campaign, headed by my friend Tony Souder, is a simple idea: Connect every student with three or more “prayer champions” across multiple generations. These mentors regularly  pray for students, encouraging them in their spiritual walk. Already active in over 700 churches, 42 states, and more than 17 denominations, the Pray for Me Campaign is a practical tool for bridging a generational divide.  

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