Christian Guilty of Saying Christian Things

The media is stunned again by the intrepid Christian worldview.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

Once again, a media outlet has discovered that Christian people believe Christian things. Recently, CNN unearthed audio of new House Speaker Mike Johnson saying things like abortion is a holocaust, people are “inherently evil,” homosexuality is wrong, and government should work to restrain evil.  

In other news, my 6-year-old likes pizza and Spider-Man. 

Part of what’s going on here is how far apart a progressive, secular vision of the world is from a Christian one. Part is that, at root, our national divisions are personal divisions, and many media elites simply do not know a Christian, despite the willingness to often assure us of what a real Christian would say or believe. The bigger part, in my view, is a failure on our part to be consistently clear about what we believe with the courage to say it out loud when called upon. 

But remember, the first Christians and our Savior were misunderstood and maligned also, so we are in good company. 


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