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Divorce Rates Drop in Covid and Girls Scouts Shamed on Twitter

Satisfaction in marriage increases in pandemic and the Girl Scouts Shamed after favorable Amy Coney Barrett tweet


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

Amy Coney Barrett receives praise from the Girl Scouts. The group subsequently received a backlash from culture after the positive tweet. John Stonestreet and Shane Morris provide clarity on constitutional originalism, what it means for the Supreme Court, and the challenge of being pro-woman in opposition to pro-women groups.

John and Shane then discuss a new finding from Bradford Wilcox that praises a drop in divorce rates during the Coronavirus. The pair highlight the leading measure, that more couples are reporting happiness in their marriage since the start of COVID-19.

John talks about the culture’s pressure to make marriage a transactional organization. He notes the adjustment in focus of marriage to working towards the completion of a project. The analysis provides hope as COVID-19 continues to rage in the current culture.

Shifting to recommendations, Shane offered theologian Alastair Roberts Youtube channel. He notes that Alastair loves the Bible as he pulls literature components from Scripture and shows the interconnectedness of Scripture. He is currently going through the entire Bible, passage-by-passage to highlight the theme and cross references in Scripture.

John shifted the recommendations to athletics, highlight the story of Kenny Sailors. Sailors developed the jump shot for Basketball. John notes that Sailors lived a well lived life as a girls Basketball coach in Alaska. Sailors’ story was made into a movie thanks to the financing of Stephan Curry, the famous Golden State Warriors player who many claim has perfected the jump shot. John is recommending the movie documenting Sailors’ life.


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