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Do You Defend The Unborn Who Later Identifies As Gay?

John and Shane answer how to deal with national uncertainty and what to say to the idea that science proves there is no God.


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

John and Shane are challenged on their pro-life position. Responding to a listener who asked if they would also defend the lives of those who might later identify as gay, they lay out the basics of  the pro-life position and try to answer the larger issue that they perceive is behind the question.

Addressing more immediate concerns, John leans in to the internal and external unrest many are feeling. He identifies some challenging realities that are impacting how we feel about our security as citizens of Earth and heaven. He closes with a charge from Chuck Colson that the Church should be the Church in times like these.

Shane works through a listener’s question regarding science and God. The listener asks how to respond to those who believe that science disproves God’s existence. Shane and John provide strong structure in their response, establishing ground to hold tightly to Scripture, respond in love to a challenging question, and respect observable science.

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