Female Prison Guards Victims of Strip Search Policy

Another blow to women for the sake of gender ideology. 


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

A California prison policy is traumatizing female guards. Under the rule, originally passed in 2021, trans-identifying male prisoners are entitled to be searched by female prison guards at the prisoner’s request.  

A number of corrections officers shared their extreme discomfort for a recent article in National Review. One former officer, who worked for 22 years in the system, described it this way:  

As a corrections officer myself, I wasn’t supposed to be stripping male inmates down. You’re not supposed to unless it’s an emergency situation. You can get in trouble, it’s considered rape. … I’ve been taught that my whole career. 

The policy requires female guards to comply with the requests or face penalties or even termination. In other words, they have no choice but to perform naked strip searches on men.  

California’s prison policy exchanges truth for the lies of gender ideology and, once again, prioritizes the comfort of abusive men over the safety of women.  


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