The Point

Find Your Place in God’s Story


John Stonestreet

There are certain moments in history, such as the fall of the Roman Empire or the Enlightenment, when it’s obvious just how much the cultural ground is shifting. Cultural norms which may have worked before to foster social cohesion and the good life no longer suffice. Certain ideas, certain shared ways of thinking can no longer be taken for granted. It’s at these hinge points that Christians are forced to remember who we are in the image of God. And to rethink our place in the overarching story of Redemption. I’m so humbled — and driven — by what I see God doing through the Colson Center. The Colson Center seeks to serve you and your family as well as your churches and schools to rise to the challenges of this cultural moment. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us with a fiscal year-end gift. Thank you for your generosity. To give your gift, just go to Please support the Colson Center today.



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