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Frozen 2


John Stonestreet

It’s 2019, so there’s no way “Frozen 2” was going to be an a-political movie. It’s not terrible, but it feels a bit like Disney wrote a plot that could walk the woke party line.

There’s a Native tribe that’s nothing but noble and, of course, victimized. The boring old heterosexual love story is appropriately relegated to a sub-plot. And beautiful, powerful Elsa can totally save the world. Movie reviewers at The New York Times were pleased. But it’s hard to tell a really good story when you’re afraid of offending the culture police.

Still the movie offers a terrific opportunity for important conversations with our kids and grandkids. My friend Elizabeth Urbanowicz has written a terrific guide for parents and grandparents: “Five Conversations to Have with Your Kids after Seeing Frozen 2.” As she describes, the movie serves up conversations about God, truth, morality, identity, and love.


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