God at March Madness

Coaches’ professions of faith testify that God is in everything.


John Stonestreet

As a Duke fan, I was pretty pumped when the Blue Devils beat the University of Houston in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament … and also when cross-town rival University of North Carolina lost. But I had to cheer for UNC coach Hubert Davis and Houston coach Kelvin Sampson after their games. 

Many athletes and coaches thank God for wins, but these two men acknowledged God’s sovereignty and goodness in tough losses. As Davis put it, “There’s a reason for all seasons, and He’s the reason for all seasons. And I’m meaning Jesus. And those reasons are good, irregardless of it’s a sunny or cloudy day. All those reasons develop my character, refine my faith, and make me the person, and the husband, and the dad, and coach that I want to be.” 

I think that helps answer the question, does God care who wins the Super Bowl? The answer is yes, because He also cares for who loses it. 


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