God’s Design for Sex Is Still Best

Sex was designed by God for the perpetuation and sustaining of creation. 


John Stonestreet

Kasey Leander

A new article from the Institute for Family Studies debunks “The Myth of Sexual Experience,” the idea that intimate “experience” before marriage is necessary for relational happiness. Contrary to what is often assumed, sexually “inexperienced” individuals who have only been with their spouse report the highest levels of sexual satisfaction, relational satisfaction, and marriage stability.  

The most precipitous drops in those areas occurred among those who had five or more partners. They were consistently the least satisfied in their relationships and reported the least stable marriages. These results, of course, run completely contrary to what is shown in popular culture, especially sitcoms and movies, where the “happiest” characters are the so-called “freest.”  

Sex was designed by God for the perpetuation and sustaining of creation. Its purpose is connected to the purpose of human beings in God’s world. This means there is a way that sexuality works best, for both societies and for individuals.  


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