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Good News from Sudan


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

It’s no mystery why our news feeds are filled with information on what’s gone wrong in the world. After all, we’re more likely to click on stories that make us angry or sad than ones about sunshine and happiness. But sad tales aren’t the only ones worth reading.

Writing at Juicy Ecumenism, Arielle Leviste recently shared some good news out of Africa. Normally, when Sudan has made the news, it’s been about famine, war, persecution, and so on. But now, with the passing of the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Act, Sudan has repealed former laws which enshrined “blasphemy, female genital mutilation, alcohol consumption” and other common practices from hardliners in the Muslim world.

This is a good story worth hearing, simply as an encouragement in light of our too-dark timelines. More than this, it’s a helpful challenge to a common misconception among many Christians. Because of the loss of any Christian consensus in our culture, we can trick ourselves into thinking that things will always go from bad to worse. But good news happens, God is still working, and He is making all things new, even now.


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As Sudan Withdraws Islamist Ideology, Clear Progress on Religious Freedom

Arielle Leviste | Juicy Ecumenism | June 15, 2021

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