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How Do We Love Our Neighbors During the Coronavirus?


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

It’s clear from history that our Christian forebears ran into the plagues with the love and care of Christ.

What’s not as clear is how, in this age in which social distancing is a very real and necessary way to love our neighbors, and when professional medical personnel can better care for the sick, how we should run into this plague of the Coronavirus.

That’s why I’ve invited Ed Stetzer of the Billy Graham Center to join me tomorrow night at 8 Eastern for a FREE Webinar on “How Christians Can Love Their Neighbors During the Coronavirus.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Ed has been gathering resources and identifying best practices for pastors, ministry leaders, and faithful volunteers on everything, from moving services online to mobilizing care for the sick and dying.

The webinar is free. And if you can’t make it at 8pm Eastern, sign up anyway and get the recorded video.


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