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Rod Dreher on Live Not By Lies – Breakpoint Podcast


John Stonestreet

In the BreakPoint Podcast, author Rod Dreher joins John Stonestreet to discuss his latest book. In Live Not By Lies Dreher paints a grim picture of hard totalitarianism in Russia, warning Americans that we’re stepping into a period of soft totalitarianism.

John and Rod provide helpful perspectives in raising a generation with strong faith convictions. One specific story highlighted Tomislov Kolacovic, a Russian pastor who provided teaching for Christians during Russian persecution. Kolacovic coined the response see, judge, and act when facing challenges to the faith. John highlights the concept as a strong practice for parents to teach children today, giving a platform to stand strong in faith amid culture conflicts.

The pair also provide context to why youth turn to socialism. Dreher notes through personal stories how much of the dark history of totalitarianism is not passed down to the younger generation. Live Not By Lies provides a historical treatise outlining the dangers of soft totalitarianism that is prevalent in our culture today.


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