What Would You Say?

Is “Adult” Entertainment Just Entertainment?


Joseph Backholm

You’re in a conversation and someone says “P*rn is just harmless entertainment.”

What would you say?

Often, people describe p*rnography as an expression of personal freedom, or just a bit of harmless and innocent fun. But is that true? Is p*rn just another way to relax? The next time someone tells you p*rnography is just entertainment, remember these three things.

First, p*rn increases loneliness. Lonely people sometimes turn to p*rn for help, but it doesn’t help their problem. It makes it worse.

Second, p*rn rewires the brain. Like drugs. The chemical that makes us feel good also changes our brains in ways that aren’t good.

Third, p*rn ruins healthy appetites. Variety is what makes p*rn appealing over time. And that pursuit of variety creates an interest in things no one should be interested in.


[Editor’s Note: The unusual spelling is a precaution against this post being accidentally blocked by filters.]


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