What Would You Say?

Is The Science Ever Settled?


Brooke B. McIntire

You’re in a conversation about global warming, vaccines, dinosaurs, or gender identity and someone says, “There’s no point in discussing this more. The science is settled.”

What would you say?

Science is awesome. Our study of the natural world has allowed us to find cures for diseases, fly to the moon, communicate with anyone from anywhere, turn a river into an endless source of power, and grow food efficiently.

As a result, life is better now than it was 100 years ago virtually everywhere on earth.

Despite the debt of gratitude we owe to science, some now argue that the “science is settled” and use that as a way to discourage questions and end debates.

Next time this happens to you, here are three things to remember.

First, we never stop learning.

Second, the scientific consensus is frequently wrong.

Third, scientists are just as capable of bias as anyone else.

Click on the video to hear the entire conversation, or go to WhatWouldYouSay.org to see more like it.


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