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Lecrae and Bieber Give Gospel Picture in Prison


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

As Covid restrictions loosen in many places around the country, some top names in pop-culture have gone to prison (to visit the incarcerated, that is) most notably Lecrae and Justin Bieber.
The Colson Center was founded as part of Prison Fellowship, which was founded by Chuck Colson to bring the gospel to those behind bars and their families. Chuck believed that to take Christ’s words seriously, we must not abandon those behind bars.
In Matthew 25, Jesus lists visiting those in prison among the hallmarks of a Christian ethic. And, there’s a good reason for that: visiting prisoners is the Gospel in miniature. After all, we don’t “deserve” God’s kindness anymore than anyone else does. Christ offers love and grace to the guilty, which includes all of us, even those who’ve committed great evils.
To follow in His footsteps, by showing undeserved grace and kindness, it to amplify the gracious love God pours out on us in Christ.


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