Myanmar Junta Persecutes Christians

Believers endure the heavy share of violence from the brutal military government.


John Stonestreet

After a military junta seized power in 2021, the Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar has seen an escalation of violence, ethnic conflict, and religious persecution. With a long history of internal conflict, observers have long hoped for democratic reform and increased freedoms. That now seems more improbable than ever. 

The country’s ruling junta is waging war against an opposition government consisting of multiple ethnic groups. Civilians are caught in the crossfire, and the religious—especially Christians—are convenient targets. 

Though the brutality of Myanmar’s government is not restricted to only Christians, they have endured a heavy share of the violence. In the western state of Chin, the junta military has destroyed over 85 churches by arson, ground artillery, and even air strikes.  

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar, that God would bring courage and swift and just resolution to this conflict.  


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