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The Point: The Buying and Selling of Babies


John Stonestreet

I’d laugh if I weren’t crying.

I certainly cannot recommend Monty Python’s movie “Life of Brian.” But recent news from Washington State reminds me of one funny and sadly prophetic skit.

Members of the Jewish resistance meet to demand their rights from the Roman occupiers. A fellow named Stan, declares, “I want to have babies.” Reg, played by John Cleese, protests that it isn’t possible, since Stan doesn’t have a womb. But Stan is adamant, saying, “It’s every man’s right to have babies if he wants them.”

Well, Washington State’s political leaders have enacted a law legalizing commercial surrogacy. Not surprisingly, the bill’s sponsor and his husband “have four children conceived through surrogacy.”

While the bill ostensibly helps infertile hetero-couples, what we’re seeing here is a goal of the LGBT movement to overthrow biological reality—no matter the cost. Not to mention surrogacy commodifies human life. Even the EU bans it as violence against women which turns them into baby-making machines.

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