The Point

The Point: Cause and Effect

File this one under “obvious.” The Boston Globe reports that gay and lesbian baby boomers are having a tough time finding care in their old age because, among other reasons, they are “three to four times less likely to have children than their heterosexual peers.” Really. A number of responses would be appropriate here, including a basic biology lesson. But I think the real story here is about those who spurn God’s means of creating life and continuing the human race—marriage—and then they’re shocked with the consequences. Same-sex relations are not what our bodies, our minds, or our society were designed for. They’re intrinsically fruitless relationships that result in a class of lonely people with little or no association to future generation. The fact that gays and lesbians lack family caretakers in their old age is a lot of things, including a call to action for the church. But it’s not a kind of discrimination or injustice. It’s simple cause and effect. For more on faith and culture, come to  


John Stonestreet


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