The Point

The Point: Christian Ethics for our Brave New World



John Stonestreet

Technology is amazing, but it presents us with big ethical problems:  reproductive technologies like IVF, end of life care, doctor assisted suicide, in utero genetic testing, artificial intelligence, and just more and more machines.

Life today is loaded with serious moral and ethical implications—Christians must think with biblical clarity.

That’s why the Colson Center’s new Short Course is on “Christian Ethics in the Brave New World.” It starts next Tuesday evening, June 5, and will continue the next three Tuesdays.

Instructors include pro-life apologist Scott Klusendorf, on beginning of life issues. Dr. Ben Mitchell on end of life issues, evolving technologies and human dignity. Emily Colson, Colson Center board member and author of “Dancing with Max,” will talk about disability and the vulnerable among us.

These four nights will equip you to make the right decisions about complicated issues. Each session is interactive and recorded, in case you need to miss a night. Come to to sign up. That’s


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