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The Point: Get Some Sleep


John Stonestreet

Get some sleep, son. Or daughter.

The Center for Disease Control says that nearly 70 percent of teenagers don’t get enough sleep on weeknights.

And it’s a big problem. As the Washington Post reports, in addition to affecting school performance, “Chronic sleep deficits in adolescents can impair judgment, increase the risk of car accidents and injury in sports and lead to higher rates of drug and alcohol use.”

Why aren’t teens getting enough sleep? Academic pressure, too many extracurricular activities, and yes, those darn mobile devices.

So, if your student isn’t getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night—or better yet, 8½ or 9, the Post article suggests, and I concur:

Reduce the pressure. Does your child really need to take 4 or 5 AP classes? Discuss which after-school activities can go. Lobby for later school starting times. And it’s okay to talk with your child’s teachers about the homework load.

Finally: Ban electronics from the bedroom.

Our kids’ health—and their sleep—is our business.



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