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The Point: Good News: FOSTA Is Law


John Stonestreet

Way to go Congress!

Whenever there’s good news from Capitol Hill, I want you to know about it.

On April 11, President Trump signed into law the FOSTA act. That’s a partial acronym for “Allow States and Victims to Fight Sex Trafficking” Act.

FOSTA seeks to shut down online sex trafficking. As the Washington Post reported, it “goes into effect immediately, but its impact was already being seen … as sites shut down sex-related areas and stopped accepting sex-related advertising.”

Such advertising has led to the trafficking of victims as young as 14. The bill’s signing came shortly after several executives of one website were arrested for facilitating prostitution.

And here’s more amazing news. In an increasingly rare show of bipartisanship, FOSTA passed the House 388-25, and the Senate by 97-2.

Sex trafficking continues to be a nightmarish problem. Christians—especially young ones—have latched onto it as a major social justice issue. Now Congress, Democrat and Republican, seem to agree.

Praise God for that.

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