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The Point: Guatemala Loves Jerusalem

American evangelicals support Israel. Who knew? Some media pundits blame American evangelicals for the President’s decision to move the U. S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. And . . . they’re probably right. Lifeway Research reports that 80 percent of American evangelicals view the creation of the state of Israel as fulfilling prophecy. More than 60 percent believe God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. And it’s not just American evangelicals… The second country to move its embassy to Jerusalem is Guatemala, which Christianity Today calls “the most heavily evangelical nation in Latin America.” Guatemala’s ambassador to Israel said she was sure that by blessing the Jewish people, “blessings will come for Guatemala.” Now, I agree with Chuck Colson: It’s difficult to identify the modern state of Israel with the chosen people of God. Still, it’s clear in Scripture that God cares for Israel. And that’s why evangelicals do, too. For more on faith and culture, come to    


John Stonestreet


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