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The Point: I Human, You Robot

I human, you robot. According to the UK Express, a British health care provider plans to use robots to care for the elderly. These robots come complete with artificial intelligence and touch screens. According to one British doctor, they “are able to adapt, learn and tailor their conversations according to what they find out about an individual just as two people might do in a normal conversation.” Sorry, doc. A conversation with a robot isn’t normal, despite how often we do it these days. Whatever we call the interaction that takes place between a living, breathing human and a robot is as artificial as the intelligence behind the technology. Of course, if Britain had enough healthcare workers to care for the elderly, or if the elderly had enough children and grandchildren to help take care of them, none of this would be necessary. If birthrates keep falling across the developed world, including America, robots may indeed be in our future as well. For more on faith and culture, come to  


John Stonestreet


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