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The Point: The Washington Post and Religious Freedom


John Stonestreet

The Washington Post just doesn’t get it.

The Washington Post editorial board is outraged, and it should be. Russia arrested a Danish citizen for organizing the activities of an “extremist organization.” Meaning, he unlocked the building where a Jehovah’s Witnesses worship service was being held.

The Post asked pointedly: “Is it a crime to worship God? Does government have any business dictating the answer?”

Heavens no!  Which is why, of course, the Washington Post has certainly come down on the side of Jack Phillips in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case at the Supreme Court, right?

Oh, wait, it didn’t.

In fact, it argued that “Mr. Phillips is providing a service to his customers for pay. While he does so, he should be subject to anti-discrimination laws like every other business is.”

The Post just doesn’t get that freedom of religion means more than being free to sing hymns in your church. It means being able to live your life—even design cakes—according to the dictates of your conscience and your faith.

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