Preferred Pronouns, White Fragility, and Favorite Books


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

John and Shane are asked how a student should respond to his college requesting him to identify his preferred pronouns. John explains how using one’s name is unique from a person’s preferred pronoun. He also shares how choosing a pronoun says something distinct about what male and female are. 

Along with emphasizing the importance of understanding the issue, John emphasizes the way in which a person engages the issue of pronouns. He encourages the listener to respond with light, not heat. 

For another listener’s question on the topic of “white fragility,” John explains what white fragility is, where it originated, and how it’s become a theory of everything. He notes that it isn’t helpful to be reactive whenever a conversation on race presents itself, giving some helpful tips to guide conversation to a constructive end. 

To close, John and Shane respond to a listener about what young people can do now to prepare for the future. John encourages them to read books, find a mentor, and critique habits. 


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Dr. Meriweather Stand on Pronouns
John Stonestreet and Maria Baer | Breakpoint This Week | 2022 

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The Holiness of God
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Dancing with Max
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Through the Gates of Splendor
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The Journals of Jim Elliot, repackaged ed.: Missionary, Martyr, Man of God
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Augustine | Moody | 2007 

The Way of the Modern World
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