The Point

Reach Out and Bless Someone—with Your Voice


John Stonestreet

Roberto Rivera

Yes, technology can be bad for us. We spend too much time staring at our glowing rectangles, sometimes even at terrible things.

But now, during this pandemic, perhaps it’s possible to despoil our Egyptian captors and put this technology to good use. Specifically, did you know that your smart phone is, well, an actual “phone”? You can actually call someone and talk to them!

Sure texting, email, and messaging are keeping businesses going at this time, but they’re not the building blocks of community. We were made for connection. Now that face-to-face contact is limited to impossible, bless someone with your voice.

Or, even better, change out of your pajamas and video chat- give someone the gift of your voice and of seeing your face.

Our technologies can both connect us and isolate us. The good news is pathogens cannot be transmitted by phone. So, practice physical distancing, but not social isolation. Use that tool in your hand “to reach out and touch someone” right now.


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