Religion is a Solution, Not the Problem

We can count on Jesus’ teachings to heal what ails us in society.  


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

According to Becket’s 2023 Religious Freedom Index, most Americans (59%) “believe religion is part of the solution to America’s problems.” Of course, the truth is that religion has long been a source of solving many of America’s most vexing societal problems.  

For example, when states ran out of money trying to deal with the costs of repeat criminal offenders and substance abuse, they did not find answers from scientific associations, atheist organizations, Hollywood, or even the academy. So, they turned to faith communities.  

In 1997, Chuck Colson spearheaded the faith-based Innerchange Freedom Initiative (IFI), which offered prisoners educational and discipleship services based on Jesus’ teachings. The goal was to reduce recidivism—inmates returning to prison after release. A thorough study of IFI found that those who participated and graduated from the program were significantly less likely to be arrested and incarcerated after release. 

Chuck Colson knew that Christian faith offered solutions for our societal woes. They still do. 


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