Russell Brand Drops Knowledge

Eternal wisdom from funny guy turned podcaster.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

Russell Brand’s “brand” is crass British actor, comedian, and freethinker. However, he recently offered a profound take on the Ten Commandments, human nature, and contemporary culture:

When it says in the Old Testament, “Worship no other gods than me,” the implication … is that we are a species that worships, and if you do not access the Divine, … you will worship the profane. You will worship your own identity. You will worship your belongings. You will worship the template lai[d] before you by a culture that wants you … relatively dumb.

Wow. John Calvin called the human heart a “perpetual factory of idols.” St. Augustine wrote that the heart remains restless “until it finds rest in” the One Who made us. Pascal talked about the God-shaped hole in the human heart we are always trying to fill.

I did not expect Russell Brand to join that esteemed list of keen observers of human nature … but let’s hope God grabs a hold of his heart.


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