Scotland Is All Bark, No Bite

J.K. Rowling calls Scotland’s woke bluff in a win for women.


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

Last week, appropriately on April 1, Scotland’s new hate crime law went into effect. Anyone who refused to use someone’s preferred pronouns or accidentally “misgendered” a trans-identifying person could face criminal penalties.  

In response, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling posted a thread on X exposing the absurdity of the law, especially that trans-identifying men, including predators, had acquired legal protections for their misogyny, inequality, and harm. Even worse, women who protest could face arrest. 

Almost immediately, complaints about Rowling’s tweets were filed with the Police Service of Scotland. But within a day, the police announced that Rowling’s comments were “not assessed to be criminal and no further action will be taken.”  

Rowling tweeted in response: “I hope every woman in Scotland who wishes to speak up for the reality and importance of biological sex will be reassured by this announcement.” 

Her courage exposed that, at least for now, despite all the woke posturing, the Scottish tyrants aren’t willing to follow through.  


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