What Would You Say?

Should Christians Avoid Politics and Focus on Evangelism?


Joseph Backholm

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Government can’t change the human heart. So Christians should avoid politics and focus on evangelism.”

What Would You Say?

It’s true that the goal of the gospel is change people’s hearts, not just their behavior.

It is also true that government is not the most effective way to reach someone’s heart.

Does this mean that God wants us to stay away from what happens in government and focus only on evangelism?

No. And here are three reasons why.

First, God created government.

Second, civic stewardship does not require neglect of the gospel.

Third, apathy is not the solution to idolatry.


Click on the video to hear the entire conversation, or go to WhatWouldYouSay.org to see more like it.


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