Tennessee, “Baby Olivia,” and Teaching Students About Life

The state legislature passes pro-life material for its pro-family curriculum.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

Recently, the Tennessee legislature passed a law to require “public schools … include an approved prenatal child development ultrasound or computer animation” as part of a state-approved family life curriculum. One educational tool option is the mini documentary Baby Olivia, a short 3D perspective on the development of a human child, from conception to birth, put out by the good folks at Live Action. As we’ve said before, this video is accurate, excellently produced, and profoundly moving. 

It dismantles two false but long-lived myths: first, that the unborn are nothing but tissue, and second, that what we are talking about is the woman’s body.  

Another Live Action video recently demonstrated that when people are confronted with the truth about what an unborn child is and what abortion actually does, a significant number will abandon (or at least question) their pro-abortion positions.  

That’s because truth is on life’s side. And that’s reason enough to cheer on the state of Tennessee with this decision. After all, don’t we want our children to learn what is true? 


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