The Courage to Change One’s Mind

Former politician and activist converts from atheist to Christian.


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

In a recent interview with atheist Richard Dawkins, Somali-born activist, writer, and former politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali admitted that she has changed her mind about faith. Having spent her first 20 years of life in war-torn Somalia, Ali has spent much of her career criticizing Islam and advocating for the rights of Muslim women. 

When asked whether she thought what pastors preached about Jesus being the Son of God was a great deal of “nonsense,” she responded in the negative. 

I think you are coming at this from a place of there is nothing, and what has happened to me is, I think, I have accepted there is something. And when you accept that there is something, that there is a powerful entity, for me, the God that turned me around, I think what the vicar is saying no longer sounds nonsensical. It makes a great deal of sense. 

Hopefully, Ali’s courage to change her mind will lead others to do the same. 


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