The False Joy of DINK-dom

There is something shallow about the idea of absolute freedom from responsibility.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

There’s more than one recent example of DINKs, or “Dual-Income-No-Kids” married or cohabitating couples, boasting online about their double salaries and lack of responsibilities. DINKs, we are told, eat when and what they want, sleep as late as they wish, and pretty much follow whatever impulse arises. 

If a movie began with a character going on this much about how life is all about him, or how she only worries about herself, or how happy he is not to care about anyone else, or how she goes after whatever she wants, you’d know up front that this is not the good guy (or girl), or that they were destined to be visited by three ghosts before the next morning. 

The idea that nothing’s better than absolute freedom, and nothing worse than having to rely on others or have others rely on you is a lie. I suspect that if they make another video when they’re 80 or 90, it will be quite different.  


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