The Geneva Consensus Declaration Pushes Back Against Progressive Colonialism


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Last week, Guatemala became the latest nation to sign the Geneva Consensus Declaration, the 35th nation to proclaim that human rights extend to unborn children. 

The declaration rebuffs today’s Western imperialism: exporting abortion in the name of so-called “women’s rights.” When nations like Guatemala sign the Geneva Consensus Declaration, they’re committing to fight pressure from the U.S. and other wealthy Western nations pushing them to legalize and publicly fund abortion.

The Geneva Consensus Declaration was created by U.S. officials in the Trump administration. It came with little media fanfare and the day President Biden took office, his administration disavowed it and scrubbed it from the Health & Human Services website. Weeks later, the Biden administration announced it would launch new initiatives pressuring the global community to call abortion a “human right.”

The Geneva Consensus Declaration is worth celebrating, not only because it will protect women and babies, but because it poses a real threat to the ideological colonialism attempted by Western nations like the U.S. If it didn’t threaten this ideology, the President wouldn’t be nearly so concerned.


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