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Maria Baer

A grave concern for the medical community continues to be the shortage of ventilators, which are vital for patients with severe respiratory issues from COVID-19. Healthcare systems around the world, including in the U.S. lack the supply needed to treat this many people at once.

Enter the engineers and medical professionals from MIT, who announced last week that they’ve come up with a design for a makeshift ventilator built from simple materials that most hospitals already have on hand. Even better, the researchers posted their designs online to be used for free.

These kinds of stories bring to mind Psalms 8 and 139. God should be praised for creating humans in His likeness, and giving us such amazing imagination and ingenuity and, at times, the generosity to use our discoveries to serve and bless others. Lacking such engineering skills myself, I’m especially grateful for others who have them; and are willing to serve their neighbors with them.


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