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The Point: All Lives are Worth Living


John Stonestreet

Karen Gaffney’s hearing isn’t very good. Neither is her eyesight. And it sometimes takes her longer to learn things than the rest of us.

But, she’s swum the English Channel, Lake Tahoe, and she swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco. She has a college degree and an honorary doctorate. She says her life is amazing.

Oh, and Gaffney has Down Syndrome.

In a dramatic appeal to save the lives of unborn babies with disabilities, courtesy of Live Action, Gaffney notes that 50 years ago, people like her didn’t have a place in the classroom. But, she said, “Humanity showed up,” and now people with Down Syndrome are business owners, actors, musicians, and hard-working employees.

Given the chance, Gaffney says, people with Down Syndrome can live “a full and inclusive life.”

As Lila Rose put it, this is “the perfect response to the pro-abortion argument that preborn children with disabilities are better off aborted.”

Indeed. Please share Live Action’s video!


Image: Karen Gaffney, YouTube

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