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The Point: All Lives Are Worth Saving

The Human Defense Initiative recently posted the amazing stories of five young men and women who survived abortions. Here’s just one of the amazing stories: The abortion procedure survived by Nik Hoot destroyed parts of both his legs and several fingers. Born in Siberia, Nik was adopted by an Indiana family and soon began getting around on prosthetic legs. In 2013, he made it to his state high school wrestling championship and finished his season with 24 wins. He considers his life a miracle. It is. And so is every single human life, as stories like Nik’s and the others show so beautifully. These are stories worth sharing and repeating. This is one way you can live out your pro-life convictions. So please, come to, and click on this Point commentary. I’ll link you to the Human Defense Initiative’s article, “They Are Real: Meet Born-Alive Abortion Survivors.” Share it on Facebook, email it to friends and family, and send it to your state senators—especially if they voted against the born-alive infant act.   Image: YouTube


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