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The Point: Answer the Question in Truth and Love


John Stonestreet

You gotta give an answer.

A few weeks ago during an interview, Grammy-nominated Christian singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle was asked whether she believes homosexuality is a sin.

Talk about being put in a tough spot. Here’s a Christian artist with a growing secular appeal about to touch the third rail of modern culture.

Well sadly, she punted.

“I can’t honestly answer that,” Daigle replied. “I have too many people that I love, and they are homosexuals.” She then added that people should just “read the Bible and find out” for themselves.

Well, the answer is in the Bible, in fact it’s clear in both the Old and New Testaments: Homosexual behavior is a sin. Christians never questioned this, until yesterday, historically speaking.

Now, again, Daigle was put in a really tough spot. But then again, we will be too. We may not be a Christian celebrity, but we will be asked—maybe even at Christmas dinner, maybe by someone who is gay. How will you answer?

Please answer in love and in truth. The two, after all, are a package deal.


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