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The Point: Death by (Canadian) Doctor

In 2018, there were 280,000 deaths in Canada. The leading causes were the usual suspects—cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. But a new cause of death is quickly climbing up the charts there: physician-assisted suicide. According to a recent Health Canada report, between January and October, 2018, 2,600 people were euthanized there, an average of 218 a month. Thus, by the end of 2018, it’s likely that at least 3,000 Canadians died by doctor-assisted suicide. That’s as many people as were killed in automobile accidents that year. While people are rightly alarmed by handgun murders and deaths by automobile, the response to the Canadian report has been crickets. Except for some of the pro-life groups. It’s almost like people have already become numb, or even worse, comfortable with the idea of doctors killing their patients. If so, that would be the most troubling part of this story.     Download the audio mp3 here.


John Stonestreet


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